Alice Fouillouze

Alice is a French student doing a Masters in Conservation Biology (specialised in Behavioral Ecology and Wildlife Management). She is currently doing a 6-month internship on the nesting behaviour of Blue tits, supervised by Sue Healy and Sophie Edwards. From March to June (the breeding season of this species), she will go to the field around St Andrews to check nest boxes to follow nest-building behaviour in order to measure the effect that temperature has on nest materials and breeding success in a context of climate change. E-mail: af252(AT)



Tayanne Corbani

Tayanne was a Masters at the University of Edinburgh on Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare. Her dissertation project was developed at the Healy Lab, looking at the behavioural responses of laboratory zebra finches after being exposed to an acute loud noise disturbance (fire alarm). Tayanne’s  main interests lie in research in the field of animal behaviour and cognition, with a keen interest in problem-solving, learning and the influence of social interactions. She also has a great interest in animal care and welfare. She has worked previously in the Healy Lab with both Alexis Breen as an inter and with Dr Eira Ihalainen for her undergrad dissertation project. E-mail: tlc6(AT)


 Galice Kalonji

Galice was an intern in Sue Healy’s Lab working with David Pritchard. She recently completed a Master degree in Conservation Biology, specialised in Behavioural Ecology and Wildlife Management from the University Bourgogne-Franche-Comté of Dijon, France. She focused her Master Research Project on the head directions rufous hummingbirds tend to have between feeds. she thought this could give us more clues about how hummingbirds adapt their field of vision to collect spatial information during feeding. Galice is also interested in what biotic and abiotic changes could modify the behaviour of animals in their natural environment. She is excited to look in depth at bird cognition and behavioural adaptation in the wild to understand how animals react and cope with environmental changes.

 Jordane Limonet


Jordane visited the Healy lab to study the nest building behaviour in zebra finches. She focused on the decisions the zebra finches make about what type of material (string) to build their nests with.



Alice Scott

ALice Scott

I am interested in how animals acquire and process information from the surrounding environment and how this subsequently affects their behavior. I am also interested in the evolutionary origins of tool use in animals.



Poppy Lambert

PoppyI am interning in this lab to further explore my interest in animal cognition. During my undergraduate research, I completed my dissertation in the area of spatial cognition, and undertook further research in the areas of decision making and receiver psychology. Here I look forward to learning about nest construction.