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Dr. Sugasawa is now a BBSRC Dicovery Fellow!

  During the Discovery Fellowship, Shoko will investigate how birds build nests using different materials, and if/how bird bills evolved with nest materials. To do this, she will combine fine-scale behavioural analyses…

Congratulations Dr. Breen!

Congratulations to now, Dr. Alexis Breen  who successfully passed her viva with minor corrections! Here she is with her viva committee Dr. Amanda Seed and Dr. Jackie Chappell and supervisors Dr. Lauren…

Well done Dr. Glaser!

Congratulations to Dr. Georgina Glaser who passed her Ph.D. viva last December. She has now moved to London to work at The Royal Society.

Well done Georgina!!

Congratulations to the wonderful, beautiful, intelligent (Sue did not write that!) Georgina for submitting her thesis!