Well done Nora – 3rd best talk

nora prize

Nora receiving her prize from Jessica van der Wal, another conference organiser

Congratulations to Nora who won 3rd prize for best talk at the third European Student Conference on Behaviour and Cognition, which was hosted in St Andrews this year and organised by four PhD students, including Georgina and Alexis. Nora’s prize was ‘Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?” by Frans de Waal. Well done Nora!


Our very own Lauren co-organised the Institute of Behavioural and Neural Sciences (IBANS) 2nd Annual Autumn Mini-Symposium at the University of St Andrews, where Bill Hopkins gave the master lecture!

David, Nora, and Georgina also each gave talks as representatives of the universities early career researchers:


David – Visual navigation in wild hummingbirds



Nora – Across the great divide: similarities and differences in information encoding strategies of UK and North American tits



Georgina – Are parasitoid wasps “rational”?


Nest Construction Conference

The Nest Construction and Function 2015 conference, held in Lincoln, was attended by Alexis, Lauren, Eira, and Sue:


Alexis giving her talk on how male zabra finches learn about and attend to multiple physical properties of nest materials:


Next up, here’s Eira talking about the role of the cerebellum in avian nest-building behaviour:


Here, Lauren talked about how first-time nest-building zebra finches copy experienced conspecifics:


And then finally, Sue pictured with Charles Deeming with the book ‘Nests, eggs, & incubation’ which Sue, Kate, and Ida contributed a chapter to!