Congratulations to Sue who is the new CBD Director

Sue is now, among other many things, the new CBD Director and collaborating with her is the new Deputy Director of the CBD, Dr Maria Dornelas. Cheers!

The Centre for Biological Diversity (CBD) is an interdisciplinary group of researchers across seven schools at the University of St Andrews that are focused on the measurement, origin and consequences of biological variation.


Six students went to Canada and six students came back.

This year’s hummingbird season was all science and all fun. We had three undergrad students collecting data for their dissertation projects  (Caitlin Evans, Mia Corliss and Theo Brown). Maddy Buchanan, a master student, also collected data for her thesis while Kate Hutchings and Gabi Frank helped us out as research assistants. (Also in the photo Andy Hurly, Susan Healy and Maria Tello-Ramos).

Photo by Theo Brown.