Scottish Conference on Animal Behaviour

The Scottish Conference of Animal Behaviour (SCAB) was located in our home university, St Andrews, this year and was quite well attended; everyone in the lab went. Individuals from our lab presented 4 different talks, Lauren Guilette, our new BBSRC Fellow, chaired one of the sessions, and Georgina Glaser won best talk.


Alexis Breen – “Physical cognition and nest building in birds”

Davis Pritchard – “Landmark use by wild hummingbirds”

Georgina Glaser – “Decision making in female parasitoid wasps (Nasonia vitripennis)”

Nora Carlson – “How nuthatches use and transmit information from different sources”


Georgina Glaser – 1st Prize for Best Talk


Her prize a copy of: Shuker and Simmons. The evolution of insect mating systems