Scottish Conference on Animal Behaviour

The Scottish Conference of Animal Behaviour (SCAB) was located in our home university, St Andrews, this year and was quite well attended; everyone in the lab went. Individuals from our lab presented 4 different talks, Lauren Guilette, our new BBSRC Fellow, chaired one of the sessions, and Georgina Glaser won best talk.


Alexis Breen – “Physical cognition and nest building in birds”

Davis Pritchard – “Landmark use by wild hummingbirds”

Georgina Glaser – “Decision making in female parasitoid wasps (Nasonia vitripennis)”

Nora Carlson – “How nuthatches use and transmit information from different sources”


Georgina Glaser – 1st Prize for Best Talk


Her prize a copy of: Shuker and Simmons. The evolution of insect mating systems


Easter ASAB

This year’s Easter conference for the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) was held at Durham University, hosted by the Behaviour Ecology and Evolution Research (BEER) Centre. Three members of the Healy lab attended ASAB this year, including Alexis Breen; the newest addition to the Healy lab who has just begun her PhD based on nest-construction behaviour in birds.


Nora Carlson – “Do British tits encode information about predator threat?”




Alexis Breen – “Physical cognition and nest building in birds”



Georgina Glaser – “Are female parasitoid wasps ‘irrational’?”


Well done Maria: Two papers accepted

Great news. Maria has had two papers about her work on hummingbird foraging behaviour accepted, one in Behavioural Ecology and one in Animal Behaviour.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 15.58.21





1. Tello-Ramos Maria C, Hurly T Andrew & Healy Susan D. 2015. Traplining in hummingbirds: flying short-distance sequences among several locations.Behavioral Ecology. (in press)

2. Tello-Ramos Maria C, Hurly T Andrew, Higgott Caitlin &  Healy Susan D. 2015. Time-place learning in wild, free-living hummingbirds. Animal Behaviour. (in press).